Web’s New Sharing Wave the Rage Among VCs

April 23, 2010

FourSquare, Blippy, Skimble, Swipely, Dopplr and Daily Booth? How many of these new “sharing” sites and apps have you heard of…yet? Think back to 2007 and if someone asked you the same question about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Venture capitalists are betting on the new online openness those three top social networking sites have fostered to bring on the Web’s next wave — openly sharing everything from where you’re having a beer at the moment to how much you just spent on DVDs, clothes or even a nose job!

See today’s story in the New York Times, “For Web’s New Wave, Sharing Is the Point” by Brad Stone for the scoop.

12 Top Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Worth Watching

February 23, 2010

Brad Howarth has compiled the 2010 “Digital Dozen” for SmartCompany.com — it’s a comprehensive list of 12 of the top Australian online entrepreneurs worth watching. Some are strictly home-based at the moment, while others have been testing (and having success) in the global landscape. And — we are happy to see a number of ANZA TechNet members in the mix, like Mick Liubinskas, Dean McEvoy, Antony McGregor Dey and Sidney Minassian and Alon Novy of Liaise.com.

Congratulations to this year’s Digital Dozen — click here to see them all and read about the innovative things they are doing Down Under — and beyond.

Duel Fates of Two Australian Web 2.0 Start-ups

July 31, 2009

Brad Howarth provides his usual insightful view into the Australian tech community and savvy entrepreneurs’ forays into Silicon Valley in his Bootstrappr column on ZDNetAustralia. He examines the very different fates of two Aussie Web 2.0 startups and their founders, Omnidrive’s Nik Cubrilovic and Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar.

One company has had a good deal of success, while the other has failed. Read their stories here — it is a lesson in just how different the outcomes for start-up companies and entrepreneurs can be.

Australian Financial Review quotes ANZA CEO Viki Forrest

February 2, 2009

In an Australian Financial Review story last week, “Culling the Web’s Weak”, reporter Chris Jenkins interviewed several people in-the-know about online start-ups and their ability to weather the slowdown in ad spending. How are these companies coping? What have they learned from their predecessors who bore the brunt of the dot-com crash in 2001? What do they have to do get through the current economic downturn and remain viable for the Internet’s next wave?

ANZA CEO Viki Forrest talks about the current VC climate in Silicon Valley in regard to online start-ups’ ad-based revenue models and what she’s been seeing. Later in the article, Viki references the ANZA Gateway 2008 companies, and how impressed she was by their preparedness to do business in the US in tense economic times, making the point, yet again, that entrepreneurial spirit can trump economics — when proper strategies are applied. (Read more)