World Nomads Group Invests in

September 18, 2009

Congratulations to Ian Cumming and Scott Woodhouse of, who have landed an investment deal with World Nomads Group. Travellr is the service that lets travelers to connect with like-minded locals and past visitors to get the most insightful, relevant, and personalized answers possible about places to visit and what to do — based on “local knowledge” — once you get there.

“Our investment in represents an ongoing commitment to innovative technologies and presents a great opportunity to work more closely with our partners by enabling them to deeply connect with the travel community,” said Stewart Hindmarsh, CEO, World Nomads Group.

Travellr was a 2008 ANZA Gateway to the US company. Read more about their deal here.

Perkler on A Current Affair

August 13, 2009

Perkler Boys on Current Affair We were excited to hear that 2008 ANZA Gateway company Perkler was featured on A Current Affair last night. CEO Dan Bisa (right) and CMO Justin Barrie (left) took a reporter on a tour of a local Canberra shopping center to show just how much money could be saved with “reward cards” — or perks. In an hour, the Perkler boys saved $187.

Perkler has a website devoted to helping Australians keep track of their rewards cards and the points, freebies, dollars off, etc. you are entitled to. You can also search by company, brand name, topic (i.e., “coffee”) or location to find rewards you may be missing out on. Since their participation in last year’s Gateway to the US and some market exploration in the UK, we understand they’ve been hard at work with some exciting announcements coming soon.

Click here to watch the 4-minute video clip of Dan and Justin on A Current Affair.

Perkler Named to Australian Anthill’s SMART 100

April 28, 2009

Perkler, the start-up that tracks your loyalty rewards, or “perks” has been named one of Australian Anthill’s SMART 100 Companies of 2009. More than 800 companies vied for placement on this list of Australia’s most innovative companies and were evaluated by 1,600 maven judges selected by the market research firm Colmar Bruton.

Perkler was a 2008 ANZA Gateway company.

SmartCompany’s Best (and Worst) of 2008 Awards Lists Omnisio as “Best Deal of the Year”

December 15, 2008

Online video company, Omnisio, founded by Sydneysiders Ryan Junee, Julian Frumar and Simon Ratner simply had no competition when it came to SmartCompany’s 2008 Best Deal of the Year for Australian companies.  The time it took from start up to sale to Google’s YouTube was just 4 months. What’s their advice to others looking to move along a similar path in the US marketplace?

“Just do it”, said co-founder Junee. “It’s easy to spend months analyzing a potential business idea, trying to decide if there is a market, whether there are potential competitors, whether it’s even something people want. But honestly you’ll never know until you just put something out there – and in the process of building and releasing a product you will learn a LOT.”

Ryan Junee spoke about Omnisio’s success in Silicon Valley at this year’s Gateway to the US.

Perkler’s Spotted as Trendsetter

December 10, 2008 has spotted Perkler, the ACT-based online community “for perks and people who love them,” as a smart new business idea for 2009.

Loyalty programs have been around for years—as evidenced by the mass of cards weighing down many consumers’ wallets—but the difficulty of keeping track of them all can mean that consumers often don’t reap the rewards they’re entitled to. Enter Perkler, an Australian site that just entered beta for the sole purpose of helping consumers get what they deserve.

Perkler is a 2008 Gateway to the US company with a big buzz for 2009. Read the full story here.

“Perk Me Baby”

December 3, 2008

Perkler — the online community for loyalty perks and the people who love them — wants your feedback on the public beta version of their product.

According to Perkler CEO Dan Bisa, “we’ve been adding things, simplified the experience, refined search…and now would love for you to check it out and hopefully farm it out to your mates! Refinements and new features will be ongoing so any feedback would still be greatly appreciated. The more people in there the better so I hope you feel compelled to spread the news that “the perks are out there!”

You can deliver feedback through Perkler’s website, so visit the site, find out if your rewards/loyalty programs are in play and let them know what you think. You can also join Perkler’s Facebook group — “Love perks…Love”.

Perkler is a 2008 ANZA Gateway company with big plans for the future.

Puttoo in the News

December 1, 2008

The Sydney Morning Herald rounds up the best software as a service (SaaS) companies — those that offer applications that are resident on the Internet rather than on computers. We’re pleased to see Puttoo made the list, and that company founder Peter Tapscott was interviewed by reporter Graeme Philipson.

Melbourne-based Puttoo offers a product that allows you to design web forms online and integrate them with your own application — it makes designing and managing web forms simple.

Puttoo is a 2008 ANZA Gateway company. You can read the full SMH story here.