Keep Your Startup Alive with Good Hiring Practices

We read Steve Duplessie’s Enterprise Strategy Group blog post about a big issue for most startups — hiring. We liked everything about the post except the title, “Fail Factors: Why Startups Die: Hiring” and so we changed it here for a more positive spin. According to Duplessie

hiring (not just the CEO) is probably the most important thing an entrepreneur or entire company can do.  It’s the one thing that can maximize your chance for success – or almost guarantee your failure.  Do it well and you develop the ability to weather many storms.  Do it poorly and you create storms where there needn’t be any.

Whether you look at the startup hiring practices glass as half full or half empty, it is important to have the system of beliefs on which you founded your company firmly in place, because “Hiring people isn’t hard; hiring people who fit and propagate your culture while growing is.”

To ensure you make good choices at this early stage that will make the difference between going forward and shutting down, read “Fail Factors: Why Startups Die: Hiring” and add your comments.

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