ANZA TechNet’s Gateway to China Program Featured on CleanTech TV

May 27, 2010

ANZA CEO Viki Forrest talks with Giles Parkinson from CleanTech TV about our upcoming Gateway to China pilot program. In partnership with the New South Wales Government Department of Industry and Investment and Advance, the Gateway to China program will take five NSW companies to Shanghai next month. The majority of the companies are focused in the cleantech space, which offers great potential for strategic partnerships between Australia and China.

Watch this space for exciting announcements about the program and the 5 companies that will be formally announced next week.

If you are an Australian entrepreneur in the cleantech space and would like to be featured on CleanTech TV, click here for more info.

How to Nail the 5-Minute Pitch

May 27, 2010

Some helpful pointers from Chuck Dietrich, chief executive of online presentation startup SlideRocket, writing the Entrepreneur Corner in VentureBeat. Chuck sees thousands of these classic 5-minute pitches a year and is “surprised by how many presentations don’t convey a clear story.”

A great “company pitch” presentation leaves venture capitalists, prospects, and judges inspired. The audience should walk away with the ability to restate your company’s vision, a clear picture of how you will achieve that vision, and the economic ramifications of attaining it. If the audience is inspired and can accurately re-tell your story, then your presentation was effective.

He highlights three main points every startup CEO should remember and gives a good, basic pitch outline worthy of review. Click here to read these short, but effective steps for nailing your 5-minute pitch opportunities.

ANZA Survey Apple iPad Winner Announced

May 5, 2010

Thanks to all who took our recent ANZA TechNet Survey. We appreciate your time and valuable input. Be assured that we will be considering your feedback as we go forward in planning our 2010 Gateway to the US Program.

Everyone who completed the survey and provided the required contact information was added to a draw for an Apple iPad.

The winner of the new Apple iPad is Ben Astill of Front Foot – a Sydney-based mobile solutions provider.

Congratulations, Ben! And thanks again to everyone who participated.

Entrepreneurs Take the Risks, Not VCs

May 3, 2010

A TechCrunch post by Vivek Wadhwa includes a Q&A with three entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their way to success.

Wadhwa reminds us, “The reality is that less than 5% of venture money goes to seed-stage startups; VCs typically invest when a company has a working product, a tested business model, and a strong management team.” To get to this point, entrepreneurs must make sacrifices, hard choices and call on the support of family and friends (and credit cards). Wadhwa argues that it’s the entrepreneurs who are the real risk takers, not the VCs. (Read more)

Keep Your Startup Alive with Good Hiring Practices

May 3, 2010

We read Steve Duplessie’s Enterprise Strategy Group blog post about a big issue for most startups — hiring. We liked everything about the post except the title, “Fail Factors: Why Startups Die: Hiring” and so we changed it here for a more positive spin. According to Duplessie

hiring (not just the CEO) is probably the most important thing an entrepreneur or entire company can do.  It’s the one thing that can maximize your chance for success – or almost guarantee your failure.  Do it well and you develop the ability to weather many storms.  Do it poorly and you create storms where there needn’t be any.

Whether you look at the startup hiring practices glass as half full or half empty, it is important to have the system of beliefs on which you founded your company firmly in place, because “Hiring people isn’t hard; hiring people who fit and propagate your culture while growing is.”

To ensure you make good choices at this early stage that will make the difference between going forward and shutting down, read “Fail Factors: Why Startups Die: Hiring” and add your comments.