Red Lizard Software Wins ANZA’s Tech23 Prize: Company Most Ready for US

by Viki Forrest, CEO ANZA Technology Network

It’s my pleasure to announce that Red Lizard Software has been chosen to receive ANZA’s Tech23 prize, which is awarded to the company we saw at Tech23 last month who demonstrates great potential for the US market.

Red Lizard Software’s Goanna product cleans up software bugs for developers, reducing the time programmers spend testing and debugging. Red Lizard estimates that software bugs are a $100 billion (USD) problem. And, they have a solution that can remedy this expense within minutes. The upshot is that higher quality software gets to market faster.

Read more about Goanna here.

Our prize for Red Lizard Software is a slot in our 2010 Gateway to the US program. Valued at $3,995 (USD), Red Lizard will have the option of taking part in a US market analysis workshop next year in Sydney, then working with a US-based coach who will get them ready to pitch in Silicon Valley to potential US investors, partners and others from the tech community who can further facilitate US market exploration and entry.

Congratulations to Red Lizard Software. We look forward to working with you!

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