Gateway to the US 2009 Companies Demonstrate Innovation at Every Level

ANZA TechNet is pleased to announce this year’s Gateway to the US companies, who will be pitching their companies and demo’ing their products next Tuesday, October 6, at 9 am at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale.

The companies are:

  • Earth Utility, a sustainable utility company that makes sustainability simple and affordable.
  • iPOWOW!, an integrated platform and tools for online video, which collects attitude and opinion from any video in real-time, and allows for sophisticated reporting on responses.
  • myCaRMS, enterprise software that addresses the dual requirements of regulatory compliance and risk assessment for financial institutions.
  • Myownpad, social networking and social gaming integration into a unique virtual world platform that provides an immersive, interactive and social 3D experience.
  • Software Shortlist, a proprietary method to help businesses identify software that is most appropriate for their business.
  • Tradeslot, combination optimization technology and auction technology that creates transparent and efficient primary markets for scarce resources such as carbon, timber, grain, iron ore, water and more.

They will be joined on stage by a select group of Australian-founded companies already up and running in Silicon Valley: Aruspex, 5th Finger and Embedster.

“Australia is known for its world class innovation,” said Viki Forrest, ANZA CEO. “This is our chance for a great group of companies to show Silicon Valley some Down Under innovation at every level — technology, business models and customer acquisition.”

The companies will pitch before a panel of judges including VC John Dyson (Starfish Ventures), tech guru Eliane Fiolet ( and serial entrepreneur Simon Anderson ( Tickets are just $55 can be purchased at this link.

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