More Signs That Point to Economic Turnaround for Silicon Valley’s Tech Firms

BusinessWeek notices a trend in Silicon Valley that may signal what two-thirds of senior technology executives already believe, the US tech sector, with its hub in Silicon Valley, will fully recover from the current economic crisis ahead of the overall US economy. A story by Rachael King reports that, “pockets of the industry are adding workers en masse,” particularly “in such fields as cloud computing, computer security, business analytics, and IT services for government and health-care providers.”

Even some companies hit hard by recession are slowly reopening their doors to new employees amid signs that the tech sector may rebound before other areas of the economy. “We’re hiring people while we can before the economy swings back and the best tech employees will be hard to find,” says Don Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork. Vacarro says the 220-person company is bulking up now in anticipation of demand six months from now.

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