Perkler on A Current Affair

Perkler Boys on Current Affair We were excited to hear that 2008 ANZA Gateway company Perkler was featured on A Current Affair last night. CEO Dan Bisa (right) and CMO Justin Barrie (left) took a reporter on a tour of a local Canberra shopping center to show just how much money could be saved with “reward cards” — or perks. In an hour, the Perkler boys saved $187.

Perkler has a website devoted to helping Australians keep track of their rewards cards and the points, freebies, dollars off, etc. you are entitled to. You can also search by company, brand name, topic (i.e., “coffee”) or location to find rewards you may be missing out on. Since their participation in last year’s Gateway to the US and some market exploration in the UK, we understand they’ve been hard at work with some exciting announcements coming soon.

Click here to watch the 4-minute video clip of Dan and Justin on A Current Affair.

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