Rahmon Coupe of YourAmigo Selected Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Congratulations to Rahmon Coupe, CEO of YourAmigo, the South Australia-based search engine solutions company who was named Entrepreneur of the Year in the Technology and Emerging Industries in the Central Region of the Australian Ernst & Young Awards.

The unique award recognizes the achievements of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievements in business. Rahmon puts his success down to pioneering new technologies, creating companies with a global focus and building a culture of innovation amongst staff.

“YourAmigo is an internationally successful company that exports over 99% of its sales to some of the largest companies in the world such as General Motors and the Home Shopping Network in the United States, and News Corporation and Sony throughout Europe,” he said. “YourAmigo generates tens of millions of dollars in new sales for our clients – typically we deliver 5-25% of their total online sales.”

YourAmigo took part in the inaugural ANZA TechNet Gateway to the US program back in 2002 and Rahmon is a long-time member and supporter of ANZA TechNet.

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