Where Is the Natural “Silicon Valley” in Australia?

Silicon Beach Australia is the place for honest discussion about starting up innovative tech businesses in Australia and to connect with other Aussie entrepreneurs. Recent discussions on the board have included the fallout from cutbacks in government grants, lack of angel and VC funding communities Down Under and where would be the natural place for a Silicon Valley-like community to spring up in Australia. The Silicon Valley discussion is a most interesting one, as those who have spent time in the Valley try to share their impressions of the US tech hub with those who have not yet experienced it.

The discussion has ranged from those who don’t see why they should have to leave Australia to grow a good business idea to those who can’t imagine doing what they’re doing without the exposure to Silicon Valley and its pace and access to people who are willing to share their knowledge — willingly, and for free.

To get on this discussion and many other spirited debates, you can become a member of Silicon Beach Australia by clicking here.

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