Upcoming ANZA TechNet Events in Australia

This year’s Bridge to the US program launches in Australia 8-17 July, with a combination of events designed for our partners and allies in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. ANZA TechNet works with each partner to create a Bridge to the US program that delivers what they need to convince early stage companies with global appeal to take their first steps overseas, beginning with the US market and our Gateway to the US program.

In New South Wales we’ll be offering two teleconferences — one for Digital Media and Mobile companies and another for Security companies. We’ve assembled a panel of experts for each of these market sectors who will talk to companies about market opportunities live via video conference hookup from Silicon Valley.

In South Australia we’ll be participating in two roundtable luncheons designed to update participants on the current state of the US tech market and market entry options.

And in Melbourne, as well as Sydney and Adelaide, we’ll be hosting evening networking events. These are also excellent opportunities to meet with ANZA CEO Viki Forrest, who will speak at each event about the current state of the US market and talk with other Australian entrepreneurs who have participated in ANZA programs, like the Gateway and the Fast Track to the US.

To see the complete roster of July events, and registration details, click here.

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