The Top 100 VC Blogs

If you think every venture capitalist has a blog — then guess what? You are probably right. Larry Cheng, a VC himself at Fidelity Ventures has compiled a list of the Top 100 VC blogs, by their Google subscriber rank. The most popular is Guy Kawasaki’s How to Change the World, with more than 17,000 subscribers. Considering Guy has more than 127,000 followers on Twitter, we’re half-wondering if someone’s claim earlier this year (was it a VC?) that blogging was dead and Twitter was the new blogging could have been true? Nah.

Good to see ANZA member Jeremy Liew’s LSVP (Lightspeed Venture Partners) in the Top 10 with close to 3,000 subscribers.

Remember, number of subscribers doesn’t count all those who may regularly visit a blog by bookmarking the home page or simply searching for the blog name or blogger on Google when they want a fix from their favorite VC. Nor does it include random searches that may find a particular blog by topic.

View the Top 100 VC blog list here, which Cheng promises to maintain as a directory and update regularly. Let’s hope this moves him up a few spots on his own list, from #71, where his blog, Thinking about Thinking (with 63 subscribers) is currently ranked.

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