Time to Forget about Australia’s Tall Poppy Syndrome

Thought I’d post a link to my colleague Mick Liubinskas’ excellent piece in this week’s Anthill Online.  It’s called “Me, ‘Tall Poppy’? Thanks!” and it’s about — you guessed it — the dearth of Australian entrepreneurs based on that cultural mainstay of ours “the Tall Poppy Syndrome”. Why we like to cut down those who stand tall in their success — an Australianism so pervasive it has stopped an untold number of people with good ideas from even trying, lest they fail and get a big “I-told-you-so” from their mates. It’s bred a degree of risk-averseness in Australia, that fortunately, rapdily melts when Australian entrepreneurs immerse themselves in Silicon Valley where short poppies don’t last long.

Have a read of Mick’s opinion on the subject here, then join the Tall Poppy Pact, a group of Aussies determined to stand tall and help their friends and colleagues do the same.

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