“Our tough economic times…”

I’m a very patient person. No, really. I work with an enormous range of personalities and ages – from teens to retirees – dealing with that range of world-experience demands patience.

If you’ve seen me otherwise it’s probably because of one of two things; someone is wasting their time – or worse, my time – or someone is not taking responsibility for their own success.

“Our tough economic times” or GFC [Global Financial Crisis] has become an excuse for some to sit on their hands and do nothing. Better to wait and see what the future brings than focus on doing good business. But the innovative tech business is all about creating the future – and the future is now.

Let me share a couple of experiences from last week.

  • Small company receives long-awaited contract terms from Big Company – pricing schedule has been slashed. We brought in an expert contract negotiator (who has dealt with Big Company) and a software licensing expert. Deal room currently in progress and I haven’t heard “the economy” mentioned once.
  • Pre-revenue company headed to the US paused to re-evaluate their cash position. Decide one founder will drive the US business to be joined by second founder when cash position strengthens. Pushing forward with an adjusted model, these guys will not miss the opportunities of building an early-stage company right now.

Doing good business means always being aware of the complete environment you’re working in – what’s happening for your customers? what’s happening for your competitors? your investors, employees, board? – and deal with it – strategically, actively and with integrity.

Good business doesn’t change – regardless of the environment you’re doing it in.

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