What’s in the Obama Stimulus Plan for Silicon Valley?

The San Jose Mercury News reports that:

The sweeping $789 billion stimulus bill headed for a vote in Congress is expected to create thousands of clean-tech jobs in Silicon Valley, gin up new business for many of the region’s tech companies and put hundreds of dollars in the pockets of most residents.

While the bill won’t end the pains of the recession any time soon, it will give a boost to Valley companies in an era of mass layoffs, plunging wages and deep anxiety, experts say.

“It’s a little nudge to get everyone back on track,” said Jessica Zufolo, an analyst with Medley Global Advisors.

Parts of the bill of special interest to the Valley include $30 billion for a smarter electricity grid, improved batteries and energy efficiency; $20 billion in tax incentives for renewable energy and energy-efficient projects; and $19 billion to create electronic health-care record systems. (Read more)

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