The ANZATechNet Newsletter

In addition to our blogging and other new media efforts, we still rely on a few old-school tools to keep ANZATechNet members up to date. Our newsletter comes out about 8 times a year, and in between newsletters we send the occasional e-blast with upcoming events in both the US and Australia and New Zealand as well as other member news.

If you haven’t been receiving regular ANZA mailings (our last newsletter went out on January 22), there could be a few reasons.

Are you an a member of ANZATechNet? If you’ve taken part in an ANZA program like the Gateway or the Bridge to the US, then you will have been registered as a member. Otherwise, you need to sign up via our website. It’s simple and it’s free. Just click on this link, which will take you to our website, then click on the Membership link in the lefthand menu. Follow the instructions to become a member and you will be on our mailing list.

If you have been receiving ANZA emails in the past, but haven’t for awhile, you may need to go into your email and see if we’ve been tagged as spam. Simply remove us from the list of blocked emails in your spam folder, or enable your email to receive emails from and We make every effort to avoid the spam filters, but we can still get tripped up on different servers.

Now — after all this — you should receive our regular emails — usually no more than 2 or 3 a month. And — you have our word — we never give out email addresses to other vendors.

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