Australian Financial Review quotes ANZA CEO Viki Forrest

In an Australian Financial Review story last week, “Culling the Web’s Weak”, reporter Chris Jenkins interviewed several people in-the-know about online start-ups and their ability to weather the slowdown in ad spending. How are these companies coping? What have they learned from their predecessors who bore the brunt of the dot-com crash in 2001? What do they have to do get through the current economic downturn and remain viable for the Internet’s next wave?

ANZA CEO Viki Forrest talks about the current VC climate in Silicon Valley in regard to online start-ups’ ad-based revenue models and what she’s been seeing. Later in the article, Viki references the ANZA Gateway 2008 companies, and how impressed she was by their preparedness to do business in the US in tense economic times, making the point, yet again, that entrepreneurial spirit can trump economics — when proper strategies are applied. (Read more)

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