The Broth Selected for Austrade’s Digital Talent Showcase

February 26, 2009

The Broth will be part of Austrade’s Digital Talent Showcase next month in New York. TheBroth, a Perth, WA company now doing business in Silicon Valley develops white-label widget applications like PuzzleBee for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and blogs. TheBroth is also an ANZA Fast Track company.

The Austrade event will offer TheBroth and 7 other participants the opportunity to showcase their products to US advertising agencies, marketing companies, mobile service providers, broadcasters and Web developers at a networking luncheon in New York on March 11.

“Our tough economic times…”

February 25, 2009

I’m a very patient person. No, really. I work with an enormous range of personalities and ages – from teens to retirees – dealing with that range of world-experience demands patience.

If you’ve seen me otherwise it’s probably because of one of two things; someone is wasting their time – or worse, my time – or someone is not taking responsibility for their own success.

“Our tough economic times” or GFC [Global Financial Crisis] has become an excuse for some to sit on their hands and do nothing. Better to wait and see what the future brings than focus on doing good business. But the innovative tech business is all about creating the future – and the future is now.

Let me share a couple of experiences from last week.

  • Small company receives long-awaited contract terms from Big Company – pricing schedule has been slashed. We brought in an expert contract negotiator (who has dealt with Big Company) and a software licensing expert. Deal room currently in progress and I haven’t heard “the economy” mentioned once.
  • Pre-revenue company headed to the US paused to re-evaluate their cash position. Decide one founder will drive the US business to be joined by second founder when cash position strengthens. Pushing forward with an adjusted model, these guys will not miss the opportunities of building an early-stage company right now.

Doing good business means always being aware of the complete environment you’re working in – what’s happening for your customers? what’s happening for your competitors? your investors, employees, board? – and deal with it – strategically, actively and with integrity.

Good business doesn’t change – regardless of the environment you’re doing it in.

Silicon Valley Venture Capital Conference, March 5 — Only 14 Seats Left

February 25, 2009

Just 14 spots remain for FundingPost’s Silicon Valley Venture Capital Conference on March 5 in Palo Alto.

The feature topic will be Early-Stage Venture Investing – How to Meet Investors, Pitch Them and What It Really Takes to Get Them to Write You a Check – Especially in This Economy! essentially says it all. Panelists and speakers will discuss trends in Early-Stage Investing, Hot Sectors, VC Investment Strategies, and more. And, there will be plenty of time for networking.

A morning pitching workshop is also being offered.

Click here for complete details and registration information.

More Tech Firms Innovate in Silicon Valley, Sell Overseas

February 25, 2009 says that the United States is “still the world’s largest tech market” and Silicon Valley is definitely its hub. Foreign firms are taking advantage of this by setting up shop to produce their technology in the Valley, but with no plans of marketing their products here. Companies come here to “leverage the brainpower” in the Valley — a different twist to “globalization”.

Rather than merely seeking out low-cost talent abroad, these companies hire brilliant minds in the Valley to create products that, at least initially, are designed for other cultures.

(Read more.)

Chris Shipley Hands DEMO Reins to VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall

February 20, 2009

The big news in Silicon Valley this week is that after 13 years, Chris Shipley will be stepping down as the executive producer of the highly esteemed DEMO conference. This has been a well thought out decision by Chris, who many ANZA TechNet members know from her involvement in our programs. Chris is one of the leading tech analysts in the world. For the past few years she’s also been the CEO of the Guidewire Group, a firm focused on early-stage and emerging companies, along with running the twice-a-year DEMO shows.

VentureBeat will be taking over where Chris leaves off, and for the rest of this year, VentureBeat’s publisher Matt Marshall will serve as co-producer of DEMO ’09 (next month) and DEMOfall (in September) alongside Chris. This is a win-win for everybody – Chris, Matt and VentureBeat and IDG — the company that owns the DEMO conference and brand. Most importantly, innovative start-up entrepreneurs the world over will continue to shine in the spotlight, as they always have under Chris’ guidance, through this smooth transition period and into DEMO’s next era with Matt and VentureBeat.

Naturally, a few eyebrows were raised in the Valley over VentureBeat having such a role in the emerging start-up community. VentureBeat is, after all, one of the most successful online publications in the tech world. Couldn’t this cause a conflict of interest between DEMO’s well-known last-minute revelations about which companies have made the cut to present at its conferences and the journalistic coup of breaking a story? Matt Marshall says that VentureBeat will not cross these lines:

“We’ll be continuing the tradition of fair, equal treatment to all media. In other words, just because VentureBeat is helping produce DEMO doesn’t mean we’ll be breaking stories about the company launches before everyone else. We’ll live by the same rules everyone does.”

I personally commend Chris for the job she’s done with DEMO. More than a handful of ANZA companies have passed through the DEMO doors and it has always been exciting to work with these companies in the lead up to their “six minutes” on the DEMO stage. Chris has participated in the last several Gateway to the US summits to get a first look at what Australia has to offer – and we’re happy to say she’ll continue to be on hand for us in her new full-time role with the Guidewire Group. ANZA will also continue to put forward those who take part in our programs to DEMO. We’re as excited about these changes as all involved and wish everyone the best of luck in their new pursuits.

Cleantech Forum XXI, San Francisco, February 23-25

February 20, 2009

Join more than 800 of the world’s clean technology sector leaders—representing over $3 trillion in capital—together with entrepreneurs, scientists and policy-makers in San Francisco for Cleantech Forum XXI.

This is the largest annual assembly of global leaders of the clean technology sector, driving job and wealth creation, addressing climate change and resource scarcity and stimulating global economic growth during uncertain economic times.

Registration is still open — click here for full details.

Polartechnics Limited Adapts DNA Self-Sampling Device to Test for STIs

February 19, 2009

Polartechnics Limited proprietary self-sampling device, CerviScreen, has now been adapted to test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Trichomoniasis for both men and women. The new self-sampling target market for the STI device is sexually active men and women aged 15 to 50.

This device provides the population with an opportunity to self-sample for STIs without the need for a prior medical consultation or an invasive physical exam. The Polartechnics device is the world’s first commercially available self-sampling solution.

The STI self-sampling device has been approved for clinical use in Europe, Australia and the US. Furthermore, the device can be used for home use in the US market. Polartechnics is in the process of developing both pathology and distribution contracts in Europe and the US.

Polartechnics took part in the 2004 ANZA Gateway to the US Summit. Read more about the self-sampling device and Polartechnics’ market plans here.