More Analysis on How the Tech Industry Will Beat the Economic Odds

The January 15th edition of the Econonomist has a feature on technology firms in the recession, “Here We Go Again”, comparing the state of the tech industry today to that following the crash earlier this decade. While the tech industry cannot “defy gravity”, it appears it is faring better than it did during the previous downturn. (Read more)

Meanwhile, at this week’s Cleantech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, CA, Greentech Media reports that,

There’s plenty of reason to worry about investment in green technology in the short term –a global economic slowdown, tightening of credit from investors, cash-strapped government budgets and the falling price of oil.

But thinking of these short-term challenges shouldn’t distract investors from the longer-term promise for green technology as the only way to solve the world’s unprecedented energy and resource shortages.

Ira Ehrenpreis, a general partner in Palo Alto, Calif.-based Technology Partners, said…

“Amid the financial meltdown and financial crises, cleantech has evolved. Cleantech isn’t about this year, or next year, it’s about the next 100 years.”

Ehrenpreis adds that currently, “We see huge opportunities in areas like green building, [energy] storage and water…” (Read more)

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