ANZA CEO Viki Forrest on the Silicon Valley Investment Climate

ANZA Technology Network CEO Viki Forrest tells the December 9 edition of Australian Financial Review that, based on her experience working with hundreds of Australian companies exploring the Silicon Valley innovative tech climate, green tech is primed to see immediate benefits from the incoming Obama administration.

Investment in clean technology has been booming in the US despite the parlous state of its economy.

“I think the limited partners that put money into clean tech and green funds are really glad they have done it, because [with] the change in the administration there will be more government grants and support behind environmental issues.”

….The growth of investment in clean technology has not “deflected” venture capital from more conventional technology and web start-ups, Ms. Forrest said. But such groups were exercising more caution in allocating funds to “high-risk advertising models,” she said. They were expecting to have to wait longer before making a profitable exit.

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