TechNation Australia Interviews John Scull, Managing Director of Southern Cross Venture Partners

TechNation Australia editor Kim Heras was able to meet with Southern Cross Venture Partners Managing Director John Scull on John’s recent trip to Sydney. Southern Cross Venture Partners are a strong supporter and sponsor of ANZA, and it is good to see John share his expertise on how Aussie tech start-ups can better position themselves for success both in Australia and the US.  Here’s an excerpt of what John says about the importance of being in Silicon Valley. ANZA TechNet members in the audience at this year’s Gateway to the US Summit will recognize this sage advice as it echoes what John said on our Funding Business Forum:

“I think the fact still remains that Silicon Valley still represents the peak location for tech startups to operate. As such, if you’re going to go to the valley in search of funding, it’s critical to know people who know people. However, it’s important to realise that the networking game is a two-way street. For VCs , relationships give them scale in the search for good investment opportunities. For Entrepreneurs, relationships help you get that all important warm intro.”

You can read the full interview here.

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