Asks “Are You a Travellr 2.0?”

November 24, 2008 gives Travellr a plug in its technology section today. It describes the product as:

…a sophisticated and user-centric service focused around travel and tourism, which uses 100% user-generated content. Using a Question and Answer (Q&A) format, it allows users to ask travel- and local knowledge-related questions about anywhere in the world, returning the best, most relevant, personalized and insightful answers possible from the most appropriate people possible — like-minded locals and past visitors who know from personal experience. The value of Travellr lies in the exchange of very specific, unbiased local knowledge between well-matched people to enrich their travel experiences.

Travellr is a 2008 ANZA Gateway company with plans to launch its private beta in December. Watch this space for that announcement.

Perkler Now in Public Beta

November 19, 2008

TechNation Australia checks in with another 2008 ANZA Gateway company, Perkler, which is now in public beta. Read the interview with co-founders Dan Bisa and Justin Barrie here.

Travellr Enters the Blogosphere

November 14, 2008

Check out Travellr’s new blog — with posts by co-founders Ian Cumming and Scott Woodhouse.

Travellr is a 2008 ANZA Gateway company from Hobart, Tasmania — and they are working double-time to launch their private beta in December and enter the US market in early 2009.

Green Investing is Tops in Silicon Valley

November 13, 2008

According to BusinessWeek, the business of environmental technology trumps the Internet in interest and excitement. This was evident at last week’s Web 2.0 Summit, when green startups—even those that had little to do with the Web—took over large parts of the show. John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, declared green technology to be “the growing thing in Silicon Valley” and said kick-starting energy research will be President-elect Barack Obama’s most important task. Read more.

Silicon Valley Success for Savvy Aussies

November 11, 2008

The Sydney Morning Herald talks with Ryan Junee, who successfully sold the company he co-founded with Simon Ratner and Julian Frumar, Omnisio, to Google earlier this year.

Ryan echoes what he said at the the 2008 ANZA Gateway to the US Summit last month when he was featured as the “Australian Success Story in Silicon Valley”. He says that Silicon Valley provides all the expertise start-ups need.

“On top of that, there’s an amazing tolerance for failure – since it’s expected that the majority of start-ups will fail.”

Yet, his advice for others dreaming of feat like what he and his partners accomplished with Omnisio, is simple and straighforward.

“Just do it. Don’t waste too much time writing a formal business plan, worrying about the state of the market, worrying about potential competitors – you are going to change and correct your course as you go. The best thing you can do is start.”

An Interview with Ian Cumming and Scott Woodhouse of Travellr

November 10, 2008

TechNation Australia caught up with world travellers Ian and Scott, who are just back in Hobart after an eye-opening trip to the ANZA Gateway to the US Summit in Silicon Valley. Travellr is an exciting new product in development that will be a place to gather and disseminate local knowledge about places — the kind of information that can enhance any travel experience. Read the interview here.

Visit Travellr’s website to register for the private beta of the product, coming soon!

ANZA’s Video Channel Now Active

November 3, 2008

ANZA’s video channel

is now active. Just click on the link above to visit and watch the “ANZA 2008 Gateway to the US Highlights” and “Welcome to Silicon Valley” produced by Santa Fe Films.