Getting Ready for a Top-Notch Show

Tomorrow is Company Pitch Day at the ANZA Gateway to the US Summit and there are 12 impressive Australian companies to come see at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale. You can get the registration and logistic details here.

I’ve just come from the closed-door pitch rehearsals and I can guarantee you that this year’s line-up is by far one of the best ANZA has ever assembled. The range of technologies is vast — you will not be bored — the five-minute pitches are tight and the polish has been put on. These companies are serious about the US market. They’ve worked hard to get here — and it shows.

Competition is in the air. After the companies deliver their 5-minute pitches at the ANZA Gateway Summit they will join the Plug and Play International Expo for an Extreme Pitch competition vs. 30+ other companies from around the world. The two largest contingents are the Aussies (12 companies) and the Canadians (17 companies). A handful of companies from Europe, Asia and the Middle East will pitch, too. This part of the day gets underway at 2pm tomorrow afternoon and your registration to the ANZA Gateway Summit gets you in the door for this event. Three companies will come out of the 2-minute Extreme Pitch to deliver 5-minute pitches and a Q&A with the judges (three top execs from Silicon Valley). Lots of investors will be there. The excitement is palpable.

And — ANZA has its own prestigious award. On Wednesday night, one of our 12 companies will receive the Guy Manson Hottest Company Award. Guy was the founder of ANZA and he truly believed that the innovations that came up from Down Under were world class. It’s in his spirit that one ANZA 2008 Company will take this top honor and enter the accelerated ANZA Fast Track program. Based on what I’ve seen today, the judges for the Guy Manson Award will have a tough decision to make.

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